The Pendulum

                                             Generation Transfer of Power and Global Change

As the crown shifts from one king to another, similar to that power shifts from one to another, leadership shifts from one to another it’s all like a pendulum as its key shift from one part to another.  Humanity sees its worst actions, worst scenarios, worst leaders, worst kings and worst time but the power never been in one hand always it shifts always.

Both sides are similar not both sides are right or wrong, and also the power by anyone have different ways to use. Have different actions, different purposes, and different meanings also but the power always be the same.

Pictures inside the palaces are changed from time to time as time can never be the same for anyone. Human sacrifices, humanity pain, human suffering are going from a long time and still be going. Power shifts from bad to worse to good always but humanity still there in existence no matter how many years or era have been passed.

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