The Obelisk

                                                                                Victories And Accomplishments

The obelisk is like a long tower which his tall and thin and have a pyramid onto his top as seen in the above image. Many obelisks found in this planet those represents the ancient cultures that flowed all around the parts of this planet.

Many types of an obelisk made during this present time to represent the success and accomplishments like you can see in many countries these types of ancient structures found and similar to these structures are made still.

In terms of the Illuminati Obelisk always represent victories and accomplishments, in early times these structures are made from a single stone to cut into similar pieces and those pieces to fit onto each other to make such a structure. But their names and information vanish with time, but the true meaning always there.

This is a reminder of people together efforts for humanity, similar to that every human must give their best efforts in terms of humanities, and for the goodness of human always.

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