The Light

                                                                                   Higher Purpose, Guidance and Direction

The inner instinct that guides every human towards the goodness of humanity always known as the light. It’s like choosing a path while to take any decision.

It has many names given by many religious groups but the work is the same as to show a path of true happiness, joy, and glory. This light communicates all the humans and always shows them the true path, and every human can feel it every time.

Now as the Illuminati, always follow the light, control selfish desires and selfishness; whenever you got the opportunity always follow the light. Many other spiritual groups give this light a name like GOD, Allah, Bhagwan depends on the country and languages but those who do follow this path always get joy and happiness.

Not all humans able to see the light, as the human mind is surrounded by emotions, desires and other thoughts but by studying human wisdom of people’s mind and reading about it they all can open their eyes and see the light fully and can make a change in this world.

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