The All Seeing Eye

                                              Inner Voice, Human Growth and wisdom

We, humans, are different from other creatures on mother Earth, this all because of the human mind of wisdom and invention. We can invent anything or control all creatures on earth with their existence to their survival. A poor human with the work and dedication can become president or doctor or engineer or a successful businessman. This is the human ability and mental power to do work and come ahead of the others. No computer or animals can invent anything, they can work as per the instructions but can never invent anything.

Now human can work for his/her selfish desires or while working or sometimes humans can see this that they are like a string attached to each other. Their actions can affect the fellow humans and they can change their action for the sake of humans this moment they called the eye-opener. Means it opens their eye of seeing things and their world changes dramatically.

Now comes to the nature of humans as selfish desires and selfishness become a major part of it, many humans do not know about the true purpose of their life, they just think happiness always. Humans enemies are always humans and this is the evil part that most of the humans are affected with this. No one thinks about the fellow human survival or happiness just this about their own. Here comes the Illuminati to guide all the humans about their true purpose of life by opening their Eye.

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