The Eternal Circle

                                                                                 Human Eternity, Purpose and True Meaning

In terms of Illuminati, Humans are a part of the larger circle or called as eternal circle it’s like the watch have unlimited gears and all gears are connected with each other. These gears represent individual human and all humans are connected with each other in a circle, the eternal circle.

Sometimes people may not understand the true purpose of their life, every people role is important like the kings and queen’s roles, all are equally important. Now understand this like, how can anyone build perfect artifacts without the labors. As labors act as a small part in this but without them no one can build that. Similarly, every person role is important never compare with the other or get jealous to see the others, do your job and be happy. You are also important in this eternal circle of humanity. Anyone can change the future of the whole human race by keeping the work properly.

You must know the full potential of your actions that effects fellow humans, always work like in that way. Every king gets its throne after his father, same as every human gets their thrones after the fellow humans’ everyone is connected and this is the potential you always have in you and by your action, you can change the face of humanity and the new generation that coming after you.

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