The Crossed Key

                                                                                              Self Determination, Secrecy and Trust

These crossed keys come in existence from the start of the Illuminati and still here in our symbols collection. Some of the parts of the history in Illuminati always keep in a secret that is why Illuminati always acts as a secret society. In some Arts of the Illuminati symbols, the meaning of the crossed keys changes like the color of the key metals changes.

 You can see the crossed keys in the eternal circle of Illuminati oath.

Here are some of the meanings of Illuminati crossed keys explained below

Always loyal To the Oath

Like a vault has a key to protect the things inside the vault always, similar to these crossed keys are here to protect the oath of the Illuminati. Every Illuminati member took an oath for the goodness and protection of human beings and for this they keys are added in Oath to remind all members about the secrecy of the oath and always be loyal to the oath in terms of secrecy and goodness.

The Bond Of Marriage

When the crossed keys have the same colors, this represents the bond of marriage as two persons are in a marriage relationship. It means each person have equal ownership in their married home.  It represents the importance of marriage, that been depends on the mutual respect of the person who is married and lived together.

Keys to the Heaven and Earth

Some people believe that the crossed keys represent the symbol of kings and its kingdom, but in terms of Illuminati, it represents the power over earth and heaven. This power rests in human hands, the way they put their life actions and the way they want to live their life. Human fates are decided by human actions and decisions in a lifetime to time and they choose their life to be like that no one else has the power to do so.

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