The Pyramid


This is the definition of our symbol the Pyramid, Success power and wealth. Wealth and success are similar to each other let’s take an example these are like the water flowing down from top to bottom on any object. The top person on the object receives the most and the bottom person receives the less. Means anyone can go to higher to not follow the way of life those the lower persons follow.

Who has more money can help more people those are in need of help like for anything, now compare this to that person who does not have any money can never able to help many people, that person is limited to help few people or 1 or 2 people only. Then we can say that money is not evil it depends on the nature of that person who uses that money.

But Illuminati always takes this in such a way that greater wealth or money gives the power to help or secure most human survival this term acts as success in our society

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