Harmony, Unity and Symbiosis

As per the above image in which a snake eating its own tail known as an Ouroboros, comes in existence from centuries from the ancient times, there be no Illuminati foundation at that time. This represents the universal balance and it shows infinity always.

Sometimes it looks like the destructive innovation but snake from the ancient times acts as the symbol of constant self- improvement. Snake eats its own tail to change its skin and comes as a new skinned creature. Similar to that human must have to work on its abilities and always comes as a new and impressive self-improvement ability for the sake of fellow humans.

In the Illuminati, Ouroboros represents the form of life always, as humanity beginning and ending cycles is constant.  It means that all life starts from nothing and take with them nothing in the end. We can elaborate it more properly like humans come from dust and go into the dust always.

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