The Illuminati’s Purpose

True Purpose Of The Illuminati is always to secure human species and its survival.

Like all the other animals or species on Mother Earth, humans have most survival instincts, it’s like all countries connected with borders, also the languages you speak have barriers similar to that humans are connected or comes under biological family always. As per the people existence in human species, Humanity existed.

Now the purpose comes in existence totally on the human race, Illuminati always is with the human existence no matter what, and always took steps for the goodness of human beings.

Humans by nature always affected by some evil like selfishness for own sake also affected by the instincts, emotions also.

To conclude this, many times we see humans turn their backs towards humans who are in need or towards own family, some follow the light or the path of light always but many turn their back. This is human nature from the start but if they follow their heart and the instinct then they directed towards the light always.

To show people light the Illuminati works in many ways like with face to face people meet, public speeches, many programs time to time in different countries and cities. As per these programs, Illuminati comes closer to the entire world and show people the way of light and path of Illumination.


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