Our Beliefs

There is no belief in Illuminati but just one thing always on focus on the survival of human species always and forever

The Illuminati can never be acted as a church, or any type of other religions or any organization, this is society or group that possess the members who always work for the sake of humanity. All our steps and decisions are always for the goodness of human species and we always work in that way. Every human is the same in our eyes we never differentiate humans with their religion, country, language, status, education or other society terms. We always take decisions for the human growth and survival irrespective of their birth country, language and other terms.

To secure human existence always the most important purpose or belief we have

Those who share the same views with us, join us and always follow the path of light become our members and we never treat them as slaves or make them work like that. People are free here total freedom of will, choose own path and choose own way for their life. This is we do always, we just tell people to follow the path of light, that path for the goodness of human survival on earth and protect all fellow humans by all means.


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