Power Of Sun, Wealth And Prestige

As seen in ancient organizations, gold represent a symbol of wealth, power of sun and prestige and also some add this symbol to the Sun also. Gold always catches eyes of people, and its shines always this is the symbol of wealth, success also.


In Illuminati Gold symbolizes the Power Of Sun, an unlimited power that can form life on earth also provide energy to the entire solar system. Provide light to the world and shows the positivity with the unlimited power of light.

As gold is acting as a stone, that have no emotions, no feelings no good or bad, its nature depends on the person who uses it. You can use it for good or you can use it for bad but gold have no good or bad. Similarly, those who have good wealth have a good duty towards humanity, towards the fellow humans. Now it is up to the wealthiest person good or bad way of using this gold or money.

As seen in the ancient times, gold can become the cause of death, war, destruction, and human extinction or it can become the goodness, happiness for the humans. Every time depends on the person who owns it and how he uses it.

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