The Illuminati is a secret society that consists of world leaders, leaders of the business community, artist, innovators and many more different types of people. Illuminati combines all these people together and all work for the human species to the very end.

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Symbols Of The Illuminati

There are many types of symbols of the Illuminati present; sometimes people get confused about the true meaning of the symbols. Here in this official Illuminati website, we provide full information about all the symbols. We share with you the true purpose of the Illuminati and its every symbol meaning with proper information and guide.

Core Beliefs Of The Illuminati

The Pyramid

The selfish way of using money is the futile, but to use the money for the sake of humanity is the way of true happiness. Money can never be the root of all evil but rather, it is the root of all freedom

The Eye

Human race use their capability and intelligence to become advance by self practice and by self improvement. The entire time human always guided by the secret society Illuminati.

The Light

Every human get guidance from their inner voice all the time, this in terms of Illuminati called as the light. This inner voice always guide towards the light or goodness all the time.

The Eternal

No one ever realizes that every human is part of gears that are connected to each other, means any action by any human can change the entire future of the world.

The Eternal Oath Of The Illuminati

Since the secret society Illuminati, all members took an eternal oath for the sake of humanity. It’s an oath of the commitment that always prefers human species goodwill and takes necessary steps always. This is a tradition of the Illuminati and to follow these they always took an oath known as Eternal Oath of Illuminati.


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